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Security Information on Cialis

Security Information on Cialis

Security Information on Cialis

Pfizer - manufacturer of Viagra

When taking the drug, chemical formulas are applicable that may change your body forever because you have to pay particular attention to the way you want to be cured. If you get diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, then Cialis can be printed to one. The drug is considered effective, but is it safe then? We often avoid this issue when doctors print the medicine. When we read information on side effects, we think that there is no point to worrying that it may hurt someone else. But can not you suffer? You can never be sure about everything.

Doctors can not even predict all the consequences, though they can minimize them.

Medicines usually interact with each other. It must be observed when selecting treatment. There are also many other factors.

Sometimes patients may feel: Dizzy, Sleepy, Dumbfounded, or Have an unclear view

If you have been taking alcoholic beverages, you may have some of these side effects. It is also better to avoid driving a car when you start with the medicine. Similarly, one should not have a profession that requires high concentration, such as the production machine.

When a doctor is printing a dose, you should not change it. Only physicians can assess the risk and decide.

One of the side effects is priapism or prolonged and painful erection. You feel embarrassed to turn to doctors with such problems but you have to do it as soon as possible. If you have an erection for a few hours, you are very at risk. It can induce impotence.

When taking Cialis, you must be aware of higher risks if you suffer from cardiovascular disease. What are the symptoms that should concern one and which could increase potential risks? If you have chest pain, headache, numb limbs, stomach ache, nausea etc. When a patient has a stroke, one feels awful, weak and dizzy. However, you must immediately contact your doctor. The delay can cost one too much.