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Pfizer - manufacturer of Viagra

Pfizer - manufacturer of Viagra

Pfizer - manufacturer of Viagra

Pfizer - manufacturer of Viagra

Buy Viagra Online - Medicine Recipe is included in the price The history of Pfizer

The initial investment of $ 2,500 they had borrowed. Due to their excellent knowledge of medicines and food, they initially managed to improve an illiterate but effective cure for masking, so sales figures were significantly forbidden. This success gave the pharmaceutical company their first fixed income.

During the Civil War, Pfizer presented the medications that were needed at the front. These included in particular chloroform and disinfectants as well as analgesics. This resulted in significant revenue and the opportunity for the company to grow significantly. In the end, Pfizer became the largest manufacturer of citric acid, an important additive for soda, on American soil. In 1944, Pfizer also started producing penicillin and became very successful. Subsidiaries and expansions in branches of Pfizer

The first subsidiary Pfizer was founded in Switzerland in 1951 when the establishment of Pfizer AG was decided and implemented. In 1971, through the acquisition of Heinrich Mack, one had acquired a modern production facility. In 2000, Werner Lambert and Parke-Davis were incorporated into the Pfizergruppen.

Immediately after, other measures followed to grow as the acquisition of Pharmaica 2003 and Vicuron Pharmaceuticals in 2005. Bristol-Myers Squibb, the pharmaceutical company had a collaboration agreement with Pfizer in 2007. In 2009, Pfizer acquired new license agreements with Claris and Aurobindo to allocate rights for more proven drugs in Europe and the United States. The same year, the acquisition of Wyeth was completed. One year later, Pfizer took over King Pharmaceuticals, while Capsugel was sold in 2011.

In 2011, the pharmaceutical company separated from the business unit. Veterinary medicine plays an important role for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Business Unit Animal Health has been an independent company in Switzerland since 2013. The Group could continue to grow and therefore also survive economic crises.

Today, Pfizer employs approximately 90,000 people and has a turnover of over $ 50 billion. Every year, drug giants also invest approximately $ 7 billion in research. Since 2010, Ian Reed, born in Britain to the profession, is a chemist, president of the group. He succeeded Jeffrey Kindler. Viagras triumph

Pfizer is one of the companies that already had a very good market sense. It has not changed until today. Looking forward in time, because the medicine is needed on time in the market is a challenge.

Finally, it takes years for a product to go from idea to market. One reason for this is that drugs must pass through different stages of testing. Therefore, until approval is granted, it takes years. Sometimes they are based on good ideas, but sometimes they also come out of pure chance.

That's how Viagra and Pfizer experts have taken this opportunity to acknowledge this. The substance of Viagra, sildenafil, was originally developed for the treatment of coronary artery disease. Especially in the treatment of angina pectoris, the researchers hoped for a single effect. However, studies have found that the desired effect was not achieved.

Of course, all responses to the new drug must be observed. For sildenafil, it was found that many participating men were significantly more likely to receive an erection lasting longer. The success was so resounding that some participants at the end of the study would no longer return the drug.

It also led to a decline in the laboratory's attempt to raise funds. Pfizer assumed the challenge and was followed by further studies in order to find out if the preparation could actually be useful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The participants in the study showed a positive effect of the measure and Pfizer has also received thanksgiving from men. In 1998, the drug Viagra was finally approved. After 20 years of registration of the Viagra patent, it was really a great seller.


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With the passage of time, also allowed generics were launched, which many companies took advantage of. There were also fakes on the market. These were significantly cheaper but posed a significant risk to human health, and one should be warned of them.

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Despite the relatively high price, Viagra's success remains. It does not matter, therefore, that the product is not generally subsidized by the health insurance. Viagra is available in different strengths to suit everyone and the preparation is well tolerated


"Since erectile dysfunction mainly increases with age, Viagra has become an important means for seniors"


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